Mr Punch from Dominic Moore on Vimeo.

Dominic Moore is ‘Elvis MaCarthy from Ballinascarty’ – Part 1 from Dominic Moore on Vimeo.

From RTE TV’s programme for Young People, ‘Sattitude’. Elvis MacCarthy the leprechaun is the adjudicator of this week’s quiz. Sinead has lost the previous two quizzes to Liamo and wants to make up some ground. Knowing Elvis’ weakness for chocolate, she decides to surprise him with a box of goodies and a teeny, weeny little suggestion…

Dominic Moore is ‘Elvis MaCarthy from Ballinascarty’ – Part 2 from Dominic Moore on Vimeo.

The quiz begins, with quizmaster Elvis MacCarthy bribed to let Sinead win. Liamo has no clue (except towards the end where Elvis blatantly awards Sinead for a wrong answer). The fun and frolics continue in this children’s TV programme with a live and very partisan studio audience.

The Morbegs from Dominic Moore on Vimeo.

Dominic Moore was an animatronic artist for the RTE series ‘The Morbegs’ which was a ground breaking pre-school children’s programme in it’s day, dealing with emotional and psychological issues, make and do, adventure, and general craziness. Rossa and Molly were two aliens who had to learn as much as they could about Earth and take this knowledge back to help save their own dying planet. The electronics and technology was state of the art for its time.

Dominic Moore, puppeteer from Dominic Moore on Vimeo.

This clip is from RTE’s puppet soap opera for children, ‘The Rimini Riddle’. Dominic Moore is ‘Otto’ the magical otter, Leo’s favorite toy and best friend. Think David Lynch for tweens and you’ll get some idea how special this show was.

Dominic Moore Voice reel

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Voiceover work

Dominic is a versatile voice-over artist and his work has appeared extensively in TV promos and short film. You can listen to examples of his work here.